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Add Availability

Add Availability


To communicate your availabilty to your assignor, you will need to enter your availability on You are automatically assumed to be not available, unless you have explicitly declared yourself available for a given day.

On the availability screen:

  • Tick indicates you are available all day.
  • Cross indicates you are not available at all on the given day.
  • Contrast indicates you are available for part of a day.

Availability can be entered in several ways:

  • Click the calendar. Click the Allow or Block links on the calendar to change available/not available status on a specific day.
  • Add one date. The Create New Date box at the bottom of the screen allow you to add a single date with a specific start and end time. The Time drop-down box allows you to specify that you are available in the morning (6:00 AM until Noon), in the afternoon (Noon until 4:00 PM), in the evening (4:00 PM until 11:00 PM), all day, or specify a time range of your own.
  • Add multiple dates. You can also add multiple dates at once by using the Create New Date box. Just change the "I am available on" box from On to Every. You can then specify a range of dates.

Here is a short video that shows how this works: